Shades of Gray

Return'd To Its Own Delight1

The cave in ...
The pounding call, the risk, the rescue, the reunion. 
Catherine brings everything she has below: 
courage, tenacity, resources, loyalty, 
and, most of all, love.

The ending – Vincent's expression as he watches her return Above – is breath-stopping.
 Beautiful! Both of them!!

Except ...
In the scene just before, Catherine was a mess. Smudged and sweaty. 
But when she's at the threshold taking leave of Vincent, 
she's all cleaned up, comparatively speaking.

What might have happened between the dusty rescue and her declaration of love?

Lodestone ~ Aliset
Kaleidoscope ~ Olivia K. Goode
No Words More Simply Sweet Than Home and Love ~ SandyX

1. William Blake. Auguries of Innocence


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