a collection of Beauty and the Beast episode expansion projects

Where everything shimmers and floats ...
Everything ... He gives me everything …
You deserve everything ...
I owe you everything ... Everything.
I would sacrifice everything for you ...
There are some things worth risking everything for ...
Shakespeare knew everything
What we have is all that matters. It's worth everything ...

but too often in these episodes, we're left wondering, wishing, dreaming ... for what we didn't see, for the conversations in-between, the kisses that surely happened.

These assignments are prompts, little nudges for answers ...
because we don't know everything.
Vincent and Catherine do.
We're just hoping to listen.

The Projects


Stories inspired by Chan's artwork

Our beloved Chan still keeps the dream alive
through the visions she left in our keeping. 

Her drawings accompany six stories,
our project submitted to WFOL 2013
and readable there until we transfer them here.


Shades of Gray
(Verse 2)

Between the rescue and the walk to Catherine's threshold, 
something happened.

You can see it - clearly - on Catherine's face.
She was all gritty and smudged when we saw her last, but … no more.

Vincent is still wearing his dusty ordeal (and exquisitely so!),
But Catherine? Hmmmm …


Those Who Know ...

"We trust so few with our secret," Vincent said. 
"All of them friends. Helpers"
Who are they - those entrusted with knowing, 
those who bring light and warmth to so many?
From all others, why were they chosen? How?
Each must have a special quality ...

and a special story of beginning


Hearthside Stories ~ Volume 2
{first published on WFOL 2011}


 The Petite Poetry Project

Of course, their story was a poem, a beautiful poem of longing and destiny.

And often, we find another that speaks of them, to them.
Three vignettes ...

At the Touch of Love


The Things He Keeps

What are you doing down here? Why are you here?

Catherine asked this of Vincent, but look at the wondrous things in his room.
Surely each has a history, a reason for being.

We each chose an object from his shelves and cabinets
and listened for its story.


{first published on WFOL 2011}


Below This City

There's a whole world of tunnels and chambers
It's a refuge, a place to heal, to thrive ...
It's our city … down here.

An untold number of citizens live Below, most with a story we were never told.
Why did they come to the tunnels? When?
We heard only snippets. We couldn't leave it at that.

Ten Characters, Ten Stories of Before ...

{first published on WFOL 2011} 


- Squeak -
Did you notice that Vincent's bed squeaks?
And does that vision ... resonate?
It's an innocent squeak, of course.
He's speaking with Brian about family and understanding,
instilling courage, offering friendship and refuge.
Our minds tumbled elsewhere.
All these stories have squeaky beds in them
and they're all G-rated.
That was our challenge!
The Stories are here:

The Squeaky Beds


Promises of Someday
- The Pause -

“Twenty years is a long time.” Outside the secret door, Devin folds his old clasp knife. “I wasn’t even sure anybody'd be home."

But someone is home. Vincent greets him with relief and joy and soon, in answer to Devin's question, softly utters these mysterious words:

“Catherine is ... ... ... more than a Helper.”

We titled this assignment “The Pause,” for in his silence between is and more Vincent left volumes unspoken. What was it he didn’t say? Through what thoughts, images, memories and dreams did he sift to choose just those words?

We really wish we knew.

And so we each imagined an answer. If only Vincent would show us his journal!

This project was an exercise in distillation, our submissions limited to 100 words or fewer. Some of us were surprised to find brevity rather difficult!

The short works are here:


Shades of Gray

The cave-in sent its shock waves throughout the tunnels ... and above as well.

We know Catherine's feelings - losing Vincent would take the best part of herself. But outside, stymied by the blocked passage, Winslow and Jamie surely lived a nightmare.
In that darkness and thinning air, what were Father's thoughts?
And what of Elliot? It can't be an everyday thing for a woman to burst into his home with a real and immediate need for plastic explosives and drill bits.
These are stories of that desperate time told from different points of view.


Down to a Sunless Sea

An episode so full of unanswered questions ...

Vincent arrived just in time to stop Stephen's attack ... and then
we see our couple together on Catherine's balcony.
But wait! What happened during all that time in between?

This one really got us talking ... and thinking ... and writing.


Nor Iron Bars a Cage

This was our first homework assignment -
write a short expanded ending to the episode Nor Iron Bars a Cage.

We know that Catherine rescued Vincent from the laboratory cage ...
And there's the beautiful poetry reading in Vincent's chamber ...
But, what else happened ... in between ... and after?

{As submitted to WFOL 2010}


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