Hearthside Stories

There's a whole world of tunnels and chambers …
We try to live as well as we can. We try to take care of each other.
It's a refuge, where the disillusioned regain their vision, 
where the lost become found.
Where each of us can explore the best of our being.
It's our city … down here.
But we know so little about the community, about the lives lived Above before. Why did these people come below? When?
We know Mouse was found – saved – but little else. Kanin fled his crime. We know Eric's story and Ellie's … Lena's. But we never heard Rebecca's story or Sarah's, or Kipper's or Samantha's and even parts of Michael's and Lisa's are muddled.
We couldn't leave it at that!

The Hearthside Stories 

Character Artwork by Linn Bankson


Brit March 3, 2011 at 4:28 PM  

It's so nice to know a some background of some of the other Tunnel Folk. I can look at these characters here and see them so real!! Believe their stories and want more. You each picked points of their lives that helped all of us see so much more!
You ladies are amazing. They may not be your characters but you give us more to understand those people. :D

Anonymous May 7, 2022 at 8:06 PM  

I see 58 Pins were saved off Pinterest. I also truly love Beauty and the Beast from the 80’s-1990.

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