WFOL 2011 Treasure Hunt Everything...

To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield...
~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Tennyson's words certainly inspired 
Vincent and Catherine while they read 
Idylls of the King in When the Bluebird Sings.Shadow silhouettes of Vincent and Catherine about to kiss
Now it's time to let words inspire you!  

Vincent and Catherine love words. 
Even Mouse knows, "Good to read!"
Father with a book in his study 
Without words there could be 
no poetry, no literature, 
no whispered I love you's on balconies...

And we all know that there were many, 
many whispered I love you's, don't we?
Of course there were!

We'll continue the 2011 WFOL Treasure Hunt 
through the Everything... blog
by indulging a love of words 
with some of our favorite quotes 
from Beauty and the Beast.

On the next page, just click and and drag the words 
to the lines above them to put the quote into the right order. 
When you're done, click "Check" to find out if you've got it right. 
When it says you're correct, follow the "Next Game" 
link to the next step in the Treasure Hunt. 

Begin HERE


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